About 80% of Loving Heart's ingredients are organic certified. We use organic produce as much as possible because organic farming help preserve and restore the planet. For example, the more we use organic natural farming methods, the healthier the soil will become. From then on, the soil will recover, 

then we will have more abundant harvest and more species will thrive. 

838 W Montrose Ave. Chicago IL 60613,  Tel. 1.773.561.5399,  Open Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11 am  - 8 pm

"Be Vegan, make peace."

Loving Heart is 100% vegan (plant-based) cafe because our love and peace begin on our plates. With one vegan meal,  we save animals, save about 16 pounds of grain, save about 3000 gallons of water, save our health, save our money, save our planet.